Nut4Mutts PetShop is a part of NuWorld Innovations - a group of online stores and sites that we think you'll enjoy knowing more about.

Hello!  We're glad you're here!

We're NuWorld Innovations, a group of fun and helpful innovative shops that focus on things that matter to people.  We take pride in supporting our communities, including helping rescue dogs when purchases are made in our stores.

Our Team
Lizzy leads our team of creative, thoughtful and helpful people based in the Eastern United States that focus on customer service first, while searching the globe for products you like at a price you'll love.  Our team brings years of experience to assure a top-notch experience for all of our customers, and our suppliers and vendors.

CUSTOM Designs Available!
Our team can also CREATE products for you, your team, your business.  We can create custom designs on t-shirts, can wraps, hoodies, aprons, pillows and more with YOUR picture and whatever you want it to say.  Got a family reunion coming up?  A bridesmaid party?  Company shirts?  We can help, and can offer a great price!


Our Stores
Many of our products appear across our stores, which include:

  • - All kinds of fun, stylish and clever products, from comfy shoes, to updated bags of all types, to colorful pillows, as well as sweats, tees, aprons, onesies and more!
  • - Pet products of all types, focusing mostly on dogs and cats.  Helpful items like leashes and collars designed for your AND your dog's comfort, fun toys, dog clothes, and even human clothes for pet lovers.  Plus (and we LOVE this part), a portion of your purchase goes to help dogs in need.
  • - A HUGE collection of shirts, hoodies, aprons, can wraps and much more, many of which can be personalized with YOUR name (or Grandma, or Mom, or whoever!)

Our Websites

  • - Helpful information for ALL dog lovers, especially those who are crazy about their mutts!

Our Facebook Pages


Again, we're glad you're here!  Shop around - we'll sure you'll find something you'll want, and let us know if there's something we can make just for you!  

Call us TOLL-FREE at 877-6-TSHIRT (that's (877) 687-4478).  We have a small team that's quite busy so please leave a message if we don't pick up.  You can also email us at   We WILL get back to you as soon as we can!